The Righteous Story!

right·eous /ˈrīCHəs/

1. (of a person or conduct) morally right or justifiable; virtuous. "feelings of righteous indignation about pay and conditions" Similar: good virtuous upright upstanding decent worthy ethical principled moral high-minded law-abiding just honest innocent faultless honorable blameless guiltless irreproachable sinless uncorrupted anticorruption saintly angelic pure noble noble-minded pious God-fearing justifiable justified legitimate defensible supportable rightful well-founded sound valid admissible allowable understandable excusable acceptable reasonable sensible Opposite: wicked sinful unjustifiable

2. INFORMAL• US very good; excellent. "righteous bread pudding"

Hi, my name is Greg Rollins. I am a veteran Marine Corps Officer and helicopter (UH-1Y) pilot. After honorably leaving the Marine Corps in 2019, I founded a travel & hospitality company and became a full-time entrepreneur. It’s my goal to help you be as successful and profitable as possible while short term renting your properties as well as assist travelers in finding incredible lodgings that leave them, and you, 100% satisfied.



I was hooked! I was dead set on building my business, plus, I wanted to spread the word to every brother and sister in the service I could get in front of about the technique and winning strategies I had been able to develop. So when it came time for them to move, deploy or leave home for training at some exercise somewhere, they would have the option to not only cover their costs but make money while they were gone doing what they were trained to do.  

Along the way, I met a lot of other aspiring and experienced travel & hospitality entrepreneurs who were integral in helping me develop my business plan. Over time and with a lot of hard work and studying, I gained expert insight into the realities of property management and the intricacies of being a ‘host’ to those seeking short term rentals.  

With an exciting new mission in life, I decided to leave the military after fulfilling my obligation and follow my calling. Since then, I’ve worked every day to empower those who serve and anyone interested in getting started with short-term rental properties by not only educating, but by also providing a property management service that specializes in helping homeowners make extra money and pursue new investment opportunities


Faced with some tough decisions, I started asking others I knew in the industry for advice. One of them mentioned short-term vacation rentals. I had not previously considered it. After some quick research and coming to the conclusion that the only other two options were guaranteed failures, I figured, “Why not? Let’s do this!”

From that moment, I dedicated every spare moment I had to learn about how to not only run a vacation rental but do it well. I needed to find out how the process could be mostly automated, so it could function while I was away on my next deployment in basically the opposite time zone. So, I used all the information and resources I could find to put together a system that worked for me. Then I put it into action!

When I returned in January of 2019 from the deployment, I ran the numbers on the house while I was gone. To my surprise, not only did I cover my costs, I actually made money on a brand-new house in San Diego County, CA. Amazing!


At Righteous Rentals, our goal is to be the best in the business at property management and short-term rentals. Whether you partner with us for our services or book a stay at one of our homes, we are completely focused on your total satisfaction. You’ll not only notice the difference in the quality of our properties but the unmatched customer care and support my team provides.  My promise to you is that we will never stop working to improve in every way we can. We are always open to your feedback and suggestions on how we can better serve you and will go the extra mile every time to help ensure our mutual and enduring success.

Semper Fidelis,
Greg Rollins
Righteous Rentals







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