September 25, 2021

Pets and Vacation Rentals

This is a question that comes up often from rental home owners when deciding what rules to make for their homes.  Allowing pets has great potential for adding value for owners and guests alike. Recent trends in the industry indicate that greater numbers of people and families are traveling with their pets and this is likely to continue and possibly increase.  Making a home pet-friendly can provide access to a larger share of the travel market, making for great guest experiences and making for a sound investment.

Along with a growing travel industry now recovering from the pandemic, more people and families were traveling with pets than ever before.  In a recent survey, 85 million families stated they owned pets and that 37% of pet owners travel with them.  That is approximately 31 million families and pet owners that bring their pets along when they travel.  And they will need a place to stay.  According to MaidThis, “Pets allowed” is the third most popular amenity to search for when looking at vacation rentals.

Obviously, there are costs and benefits to allowing pets in your home that will need to be assessed on a property-by-property basis.  The big advantage is access to the 31 million who travel with their pets each year, making for happier customers who may want to stay with you again.  There is a risk of damage to your property by allowing pets and also the increased cleaning costs to make sure the property is ready for the next reservation, as the next guests may be allergic.  But these costs are not guaranteed and likely might not outweigh the benefits.  These are just a couple points and they will need to be discussed with a property manager. 

There are some great resources to look at regarding this topic listed below to help with further research.  But if you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to reach out. 

Stay safe and Stay Righteous!

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