We understand you might have questions about working with Righteous Rentals. That’s why we’ve put together some of the most common questions we receive. If we’ve failed to address your questions, feel free to contact us at any time!!

What services do you provide?

We provide all property management services. This includes revenue management, guest relations, utility management, inventory management, cleaning management, listing optimization, professional photos, neighbor relations, design, home service management, guest protection/insurance, noise monitoring, tax collection/remittance, local regulation compliance, and many more.

When and what do you get paid?

We get paid at the end of the month, just like you, for the previous month. We take our percentage from the gross income, after taxes and any other guest service or processing fees.

What services don't you provide?

Currently we are unable to conduct mortgage payments (principal, interest or taxes). We also do not provide homeowner insurance.

When and how do I get paid?

Homeowners are paid following the service month, before the 15th. (Example: January payment would be made prior to the 15th of February). All owners are paid via ACH direct deposit.

I am a host already, why should I choose Righteous Rentals?

Managing a short-term rental isn’t easy—you know this. Now, we can handle every hassle for you. No more fielding guests calls after midnight, spending your free time cleaning, or tracking your reservations on multiple booking sites. With Righteous Rentals, embrace the idea of ‘hands free’ property ownership. We offer tons of services like systamized reservation management, virtual home tours, around the clock local guest support, high quality housekeeping after every stay, and professional staging and photography. We are also able to take advantage of all the technology the property management industry has available, leveraging it all to ensure you have the optimal nightly rate each night. You recieve all of this and more with one flat percentage-based fee, no long-term contracts, and the freedom to visit your home as often as you like.

What areas are best to buy and what to look for?

Real estate investing is ever changing and dynamic. For that reason we recommend contacting us with any questions you have about the areas you are looking into for your purchase. We have a comprehensive analysis process, and would be happy to discuss any properties you are researching.

What will my house go for per night and/or per year?

There are many factors that go into the profitability of a short-term rental property. Those include location, size, bed/bath count, amenities, design, functionality, square footage, sleeping arrangements, local competition, etc. For these reasons, we look at each property’s profitability estimate as a stand alone estimate. Please contact us and we would be happy to provide you with a free profitability analysis for your property.

What will my vacancy/occupancy rate be?

Here are Righteous Rentals, we focus on profitability. Vacancy/occupancy rate is just one variable tied into the unit's profitability. The other is the nightly rate. Each property and area have their own seasonality which determines what we are able to charge and what the resulting vacancy/occupancy will be. We have a dedicated revenue management team that ensures your property is always booking at the best rate, at the best time to maximize your revenue.

What are the rules for my neighborhood/community?

The short-term rental/home sharing business is still an emerging business model and many cities/municipalities have unestablished, new, or dynamically changing regulations on short-term rentals. At Righteous Rentals, we guarantee that your property will always be in compliance with the current local laws and regulations. Unfortunately, Righteous Rentals can not manage properties where the regulations prohibit short-term rentals.

What is the cost to start a new property?

Each property, based on its size will have different costs to get started, however, we understand that you may have just put most/all of your money down on purchasing the property or are moving and need to save funds to move and purchase your new home. So, we have many programs that can be customized to your current situation to help reduce the total cost out of pocket to create your short-term rental.

Are there any areas where short-term rentals are prohibited?

Yes, currently there are still cities/municipalities that prohibit short-term rentals in their limits. However, as the professionally managed environment continues to grow and prove its viability, we are seeing a reduction in the number of cities that prohibit the use of professionally managed short-term rentals.

What will the first year look like compared to future years?

The first year of the property will be the hardest financially and emotionally. The property will need to develop its “reputation” on the booking platforms. However, because your property will fall under our profiles and management, the time it takes to “season” a property is drastically reduced because your property starts off with our reputation, status, and standards. Past guests from other properties or new guests searching on our profile will base their decisions on the reviews left by other guests at our other properties.

What examples can you share of success?

We have many success stories, we have posted some of our favorites at: https://www.stay-righteous.com/homeowner-reviews

How much more will I make with you than without you?

Currently our statistics show that we are making on average 125% of the local market for each property. That means that we cover our cost plus an additional 5%. In short: you do none of the work and make 5% more than you would managing the property yourself!

Does Superhost/Premier Partner matter?

Yes, the statuses issued by the major booking platforms, Superhost (Airbnb), Premier Partner (VRBO) and others are very important. These statuses place your listing at the top of search results which means more potential guests are looking at your property before others. The end result is a higher profitability for your property. As part of our revenue management, we constantly maintain our statuses with all the major booking platforms to maximize your profitability.

What is the difference between the various listing sites?

Each listing site will have its own ‘type’ of guest. Depending on the nature of the guests’ travel, where they are coming from, what they are comfortable with, along with other factors, will determine the platform that they use. Righteous Rentals strives to be on as many platforms as possible so we can capture as many bookings as possible, increasing your overall revenue.

How do you screen tenants?

Each guest is screened and verified by our protection partner “Superhog,” which then protects each guest stay for over $1.3M (Feb 2021) for any damage they may cause to the property, to themselves or any other occupants during their stay. Righteous Rentals also actively screens guests to limit access to those individuals who intend to use your property for the wrong reason.

How are the accounts reconciled at the end of the year?

At Righteous Rentals we do a tax and accounting audit each quarter and a final accounting review and tax submission during tax season. At this time you will receive a 1099 form for the money paid from us for your property so that you can claim the profits on your tax return appropriately.

When and how do I pay the booking platform?

We handle that for you. Each booking platform charges at different rates and pays the host at different times which can be confusing and hard to keep track of. For that reason, we account for the payments and pay you one lump sum at the end of the month with all of the deductions in the platform already removed.

How will you handle the neighbors?

We understand that property management does not just include the property itself, but the surrounding neighborhood. For this reason Righteous Rentals takes an active stance in prevention of disturbances, swift response to complaints, and communication and education with the neighbors about who we are and our desire to not be a nuisance to their neighborhood.

Do you require a deposit from a property owner to cover incidentals/repairs?

No. We do not require any upfront payments from the homeowner to cover any incidentals or repairs. Prior to activating your listing, we will ensure the property meets our high quality standards. In the event that there is damage to the property caused by the guest, the damage will be covered under the protection policy from “Superhog.” Any natural breaks at the property will be repaired and taken out of that month’s income.

What can I write off?

Due to the variations of tax situations, we advise that you talk with your tax professional regarding any write-offs for your property.

Are there restrictions on how often I can use my home?

No, your short-term home is, by definition, yours. We encourage you to reserve your home for personal stays as frequently as you’d like, so long as you honor any guest reservations that have already been booked. Aside from that, Righteous Rentals doesn’t restrict homeowners on how often they can visit or how long they stay. To reserve your property for personal use, or that of your friends and family, all you would need to do is reserve them through your owner portal which will be provided to you during onboarding.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

We are here to be the best property manager you’ve ever had, earn your business long-term through performance and not force you into staying with us via a contract. You can cancel your Righteous Rentals agreement at any time, with 90 days’ notice. We’ll just need to honor any reservations that are already booked at your unit for that 90-day window.

What is the Righteous Rentals pet policy?

We leave this decision up to the homeowner, however we recommend allowing your property to accept pets. Studies have shown that pet-friendly short-term rentals attract higher revenue, repeat visitors, and more off-season bookings. Righteous Rentals housekeepers take extra care after pet-friendly bookings, ensuring that pet hair, dander, paw prints or any other evidence of pets are removed. Guests that bring pets will be charged an additional pet fee to cover the additional cleaning required.

Does Righteous Rentals provide condo management services?

Yes, Righteous Rentals manages all forms of properties including houses, apartments, multi-unit complexes, condos, townhomes, cabins, houseboats, etc. We will coordinate with the HOA (where applicable) and ensure a good working relationship that is in accordance with all applicable HOA regulations.

Where will my house be listed? How will people find it? How Will You Promote My Rental To Travelers?

Naturally, your rental will appear on the Righteous Rentals website, which is growing among travelers as a trusted source for quality short-term rentals. Additionally, we also distribute your property on most booking platforms for short-term rentals such as: Airbnb, VRBO, Booking.com, Expedia, Trip Advisor, Agoda, Furnished Finder, CaliStays, Hometogo, and many more - a full comprehensive list of sites can be found here: https://www.stay-righteous.com/partners Simply being on the platform is not all it takes. Anyone can create a listing. We create listings that are designed to turn browsing travelers into paying guests. Every listing site has its own formula for determining which properties will appear at the top of the search results. This can be very difficult to understand and manage. We have a dedicated team devoted to ensuring your listing’s search performance across all booking platforms, not only keeping your rental visible with each search in the area, but constantly appearing at the top of the list. We do this with a professionally written and photographed listing and continuing through with ongoing analysis and optimization. In addition to optimizing on the major listing sites, we also use our referral network as well as paid search and display ads to attract travelers who are looking for short-term rentals. We also have a growing database of past travelers available to encourage them to book as repeat guests.

How do I know if my property is a fit for Righteous Rentals?

Are you a homeowner that wants to earn more money using short term rentals as your tactic...we want you to as well! We want to work with people that want to maximize the revenue coming in on their home! Whether you are a new homeowner considering short term rentals for the first time or you are an experienced host with multiple listings looking to increase your Revenue per Available Night (RevPAN), we can definitely help! Please reach out to us and tell us about your property(s) and we would be happy to discuss if working together makes sense for both parties!

Can we do a trial period?

Yes, you can stop our services whenever you’d like; there is no long term contract – we only ask that existing reservations out to 90 days be honored in consideration of our guests and that you give us a 30 day notice so that we can prepare any last statements and close out accounts.

Does Righteous Rentals meet the guests at check-in?

No, we prefer our travelers to have the freedom to come and go at their leisure instead of being held to a strict schedule. That is why we have adopted our keyless entry solution so they check in whenever is most convenient for them. A dedicated team member will be in the area ensuring that, should the need arise, they can be reached and available to show up to the property.

Can I keep my house keeper?

At Righteous Rentals, we have strict cleaning guidelines that ensure 5-star ratings for cleanliness. As long as your current cleaning solution is able to meet our standards, follow our procedures and use our system for scheduling, reporting and invoicing, we would be honored to have them continue working on your property.

Do you take an inventory of what is in my home before listing?

Yes, we create an inventory list of items we will check after each turnover. Additionally, for insurance purposes, we suggest you photograph each room in your home with any item that is of value, along with any identifying information (warranty number, serial number, etc.) If the item has sentimental value, we suggest removing it from the property. Over time you may notice things like tupperware or silverware go missing, dishware break, towels/linens may discolor or stain over time, etc. This is the cost of doing business. When those items are broken or go missing, we will replace them with new items that may not be the same type or style. Again, if the item has sentimental value, we suggest removing it from the property.

How does Righteous Rentals verify guests that are coming into the home?

Righteous Rentals relies on our booking channel verification software which runs background checks on all individuals, including other hosts and guests, looking for matches with terrorist watch lists, financial sanctions, felony convictions, sex offender registrations, or significant misdemeanors.

How is Short Term Rental Performance in the area?

Righteous Rentals operates throughout San Diego County. Each municipality has its own regulations, restrictions and other established short term rentals which will drive the rental performance in each jurisdiction. Please contact us directly for any detailed information about your area and we will be happy to help answer any questions you have.

When and how are guests able to book my property?

Guests are able to book between 2 and 365 days into the future. They are able to book through multiple channels including, but not limited to, directly online, through a booking channel (airbnb, vrbo, etc.) over the phone, via email or any other form of direct communication.

Can I speak to some of your current clients?

Absolutely! Please reach out to us directly and we can connect you with some of our current clients who would be happy to provide you with their feedback.

What are consumables and who pays for them?

A consumable is a product that is intended to be used up by the guest during their stay. (shampoo, paper towels, toilet paper, laundry detergent, dish soap, sponges, trash bags, etc.) The consumables used during the guests’ stay are paid for with a portion of the cleaning fee, which the guest pays.

If I chose to sell my house how would Righteous Rentals handle the situation?

At Righteous Rentals we understand that you must make decisions that are in the best interest of you and your family, sometimes that includes selling a piece of property. We are happy to work through the situation with you, set up a date of cancellation and discuss the furnishing items in the property. Righteous Rentals also has investors in our network that are always interested in successful short term rentals, so we may be able to help you find a buyer!

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